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Wellness Wednesday; A subscription service for your favorite dental office

After realizing we've been in an economy full of subscriptions for several years now we thought it'd be the perfect time to weigh the odds of subscription based dentistry.

It may seem like quite an oddity to pay monthly for premium dental care, but people around the world are currently using subscription services for things like grocery shopping, entertainment and wide variety of other things that don't make nearly as much sense as quality oral health care.

After pitching the idea to the team and a small group of patients, we were able to determine that by offering such a service our patients would not only be able to save hundreds of dollars a year, but receive an even more personalized and high quality experience as well.

It was a no brainer! We just had to figure out how we could both save our 'subscribers' hundreds while also enhancing their overall patient experience.

With the help of our financial coordinator, Kristina, we came to the conclusion that the easiest way to solve that problem is to get rid of the insurance middle man. After all, they cut what's paid for your procedure by roughly 30% while still making you pay the full-coverage rate.

By avoiding insurance plans we are able to offer our patients a direct savings and provide a higher quality of care by saving hours of time communicating with insurance providers.

To ensure the extra savings are going directly back to the patient we calculated the cost of treatment for a cash paying patient, added a discount, and divided that into affordable monthly payments. $26 for children, $31 for adults, and $51 for those needing periodontal care.

If you love a personalized experience, quality service and saving more of your hard earned money then joining our dental subscription may be the best option for you and your dental health.

To find our more about the discount and other great benefits of subscribing view our Wellness Wednesday blogs and be sure to sign up at your next appointment for the most savings!

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