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Wellness Wednesday; How we are able to provide the highest quality of dental care

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

At Madison No Fear Dentistry we are more than just dentists. We are listeners, friends, educators and an entire family of oral care providers who are passionate about helping others and making a true difference to our patients overall dental health and confidence.

We listened to our patients concerns and learned that many believed they benefited greatly from the enhanced value, insight and experiences our team was able to provide with more time.

Which is why to this day we stand by our belief in what's known as the '60 minute prophy'. (Essentially every patient gets the time with the dentist they deserve.)

But with the multitude of stressors put on by insurance companies to 'produce' and cram more patients into our already full schedule we weren't quite sure how to handle such a dilemma.

As an office we went into research mode, witnessing several other dental practices fall into the stress and narrow down their appointment times to 40 minutes to be able to fill their schedule with even more patients.

The only problem is that for every appointment you have to subtract 20 minutes. 5 for setup, 5 for documentation, 5 for the doctor, and 5 for room sanitization. So now the hygienist only has 20 minutes to discuss your concerns, clean, floss, and polish your teeth, and educate you on proper preventive care. HOW CAN ALL THAT BE DONE IN 20 MINUTES?

We knew we would never want to do that to our patients so we did something about it.

The No Fear Wellness Program

Instead of falling into the stress, we created our Wellness Program which allows us to not only keep our 60 minute appointment times but enhance the patient experience created in our office even further.

For a small monthly fee our patients maintain the high-quality care Madison No Fear Dentistry's known for, gain an enhanced experience and never have to deal with declined claims from the 'middleman'.

Are you ready for great value and great experiences? Learn more by viewing the rest of our Wellness Wednesday Blogs or viewing our Insurance page.

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