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Wellness Wednesday; the importance of routine oral cancer screenings

Being one of the worlds largest health problems, with approximately 10 million deaths per year, we can safely assume almost everyone is familiar with the devastating impacts cancer can create on a person and their family.

To battle this horrible disease, medical professionals around the world have determined that diagnosing all types of cancer at its earliest stage can greatly increase the rate of survival.

However, what most often don't realize, is that a single medical physician simply can't be familiar with and have the ability to diagnose all the types of cancer.

Which is why at Madison No Fear Dentistry our dental professionals strive to not only provide the best dental care possible, but to work with our patients to ensure their whole health is looked out for.

With every routine dental care appointment a doctor and trained hygienist will provide an oral cancer screening to check for abnormalities in your oral health. By feeling the oral tissues for lumps, visually inspecting the mouth, cheeks, tongue and throat, and taking the time to ask questions, we are able to provide a higher quality of care and catch any signs of oral cancer.

That means you are receiving an in-depth oral cancer screening twice a year!

This is important for all ages but is even more beneficial for those with higher risk factors such as those older than 45, sun exposure, tobacco use (to include chewing tobacco), heavy alcohol consumption and poor nutrition. We found this article on oral cancer risk factors from the American Cancer Society quite educational.

If you haven't received a routine dental cleaning within the past 12 months now may be the time to schedule an appointment with our welcoming and friendly front desk team.

Do you avoid dental exams due to the fear of cost? If so we want you to know we are here to help. After years of thought, we now offer a budget friendly way for you to receive the high quality care and respect you deserve from a dental office. It's cheaper than a phone bill! To learn more you can view our insurance page for pricing and review our Wellness Wednesday Blogs to learn more about the service.

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