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Light up any room with custom

Teeth Whitening

You’ll never have to give up tea, coffee, or red wine to keep your smile shining bright. Whiten your
teeth up to 16 shades more in a safe and proven way with little sensitivity. We offer a variety of
whitening treatment options tailored to your needs. Based on your goals and budget, we can
personalize the best whitening option for you.

We provide an easy treatment option for crooked, crowded, or separated front teeth. Invisible aligners
allow you to get a beautiful, straighten smile with the benefit of less time and more comfort. They are a
convenient alternative to traditional metal braces. These aligners are clear, removable, and promote
oral health.

Teeth whitening options provided at Madison No Fear Dentistry:

  1. Opalescence Whitening Trays
    Opalescence Go is a pre-filled whitening tray with professional strength teeth whitening gel and
    unrivaled convenience. The foam tray easily conforms to any smile and is ready-to-go right out
    of the box. It is a fast, simple, and less expensive whitening option.

  2. Custom Whitening Trays
    We create custom-made whitening trays for you to take home. Because they are custom-fitted
    to your unique smile, you’ll receive the optimal whitening results with beautiful uniformity. This
    option allows you to keep your trays, so you only need to purchase the refill whitening gel.

  3. In-office Laser Whitening
    This option is going to give you the most noticeable color transformation all in one sitting. A pre-
    whitening regimen is required prior to coming into the office for your whitening appointment
    where your smile make-over will be completed.

Tooth alignment with ​Invisible aligners:

Madison No Fear Dentistry makes attaining your dream smile easy and convenient. Custom plastic trays get replaced every 1 to 2 weeks to straighten teeth over a short period of time without being as abrasive and inconvenient as braces.

Dr. Ducommun is the best there is in dentistry. He took my unruly, gnarly, stained mess of teeth and recreated a beautiful smile. Traditional dentistry is barbaric, but not with Dr. Ducommun. No Fear Dentistry is amazing at minimizing/removing the fear and anxiety from the process. I took a "little nap" and awoke with a beautiful smile all my friends are raving about!

Jessica D.

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