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Determine what keeps you up at night

At Home Sleep Study 

In the hustle and bustle of the world, finding enough time to lay down your head and get some sleep is something that many people find more challenging than it should be. 

While most would place blame on cell phones and the screens of modern technology, there are in fact roughly 30% who have a medical issue that prevents them from obtaining quality sleep.

Sleep specialists at Madison No Fear Dentistry can help determine and improve your nightly rest

Why would someone want a sleep study done?

The main reason we see patients decide to have a sleep study, is simply due to the lack of sleep they are experiencing. Most of our patients have tried everything, from putting devices away an hour before bed to changing their diet, and yet they still wake up the next morning tired. After nearly all hope is gone, they hear that our sleep specialists at Madison No Fear Dentistry have an extremely high success rate with thousands of patients that now feel well rested and motivated to get out of bed. 


What makes a sleep study at Madison No Fear Dentistry different? 

Sleep studies done at Madison No Fear Dentistry are a little different than what you may have already found through a google search. That’s because we provide what’s called an at home sleep study where you get to sleep in your own environment instead of at a sleep facility. While you are able to sleep in the comfort of your home, we continue to use the exact same technology that a sleep facility does. Meaning so, you never lose any quality of care. On top of that, our sleep specialists will be available to assist you every step of the way. 


Now that the sleep study is complete, what are the options to improve my condition?

Many of our patients biggest fear is having to sleep with a CPAP machine. That’s not the case at Madison No Fear Dentistry. Our sleep specialists can craft a custom fitted oral appliance (a lot like a mouthguard or retainer) that is scientifically proven to open your airway while you sleep. It works so well that many general physicians are referring their patients to us for a custom fitted appliance and has become more widely accepted than a CPAP.

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