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Keep a healthy smile with

Routine Dental Visits

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Preventive dental care is often thought of as the key to keeping a healthy smile throughout your life. While brushing twice a day and maintaining oral health at home is beneficial for the prevention of dental issues, there are parts of the prevention process that can't be done alone.

When you visit us for routine care we will go over any concerns you may have, take x-rays, examine for oral cancer, check for gum disease and finally perform either prophylaxis, scaling and root planing, or a full mouth debridement depending on your dental care needs. 

Extra time to get to know you personally:

We believe strongly in what's known as the '60 minute prophy'. In simpler terms, we schedule each and every hygiene appointment for 60 minutes. Doing so allows our hygiene team the proper amount of time to discuss your concerns and provide in depth education on your personal oral health. 

Digital X-rays:

Our digital X-rays are faster, provide a more accurate picture and expose you to less radiation than ever before. You will have bitewing X-rays taken once a year that aid in the finding of cavities and periodontal disease, and a full mouth PA taken once every five years that aid in the finding of root damage. With the use of Nomad X-ray technology the radiation exposure for most X-rays is no more than what you would receive during a flight from Madison, Wisconsin to Detroit, Michigan.

Oral Cancer Screening:

One of the best ways to prevent oral cancer is through regular dental check-ups and screenings. At Madison No Fear Dentistry we provide a full oral cancer examination during every routine dental care appointment to catch oral cancer at its earliest stage. 


During what you know as the cleaning part of your appointment we perform either prophylaxis, scaling and root planing, or a full mouth debridement depending on your individually customized treatment plan.

I have been going to Madison No Fear Dentistry for 9 years. Watching them evolve and grow has been exciting. Everyone is professional and friendly. The attitude is 'what can we do for our patient' not how quickly can I fill my pockets. It is a great concept that keeps me going there. They give you the facts and keep an eye on where you are with any concerns.

Mikki F.

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