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Wellness Wednesday; How our dental program can get you coverage during a pause in your insurance

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

Just over a few years ago we filled a need for our patients to affordably receive dental care with our Wellness Program.

Now, with the affects of the Corona Virus on employment statuses, we are finding that more of our patients and people in our community are asking how they can receive care without insurance.

With all those questions coming in, we wanted to educate you on dental coverage and show you how you can get the best deal available.

Usually with insurance you pay a hefty monthly premium for coverage that may not even cover 100% of your needed care.

We did it differently, making sure to keep the patient experience in mind every step of the way.

Instead of paying the 'middle man' (a.k.a. insurance companies) you pay a low cost monthly fee that is often way less than a phone bill and goes directly towards your care with us.

By avoiding having payment go through the middle man you not only save time and money, but you gain enhanced benefits when visiting us for care as well.

You'll never have your routine coverage denied, you won't need to take the extra time to checkout after your appointment, and you will receive an added discount on any additional care you may need.

Plans for adults start at $31 and you can view the entire price catalog on the Wellness section of our website, learn more about the program by viewing the Wellness Blogs, or call front desk team at 608.836.5700.

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