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Commited to providing a clean and safe dental environment; HVAC Ionization System

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

At Madison No Fear Dentistry, we are committed to providing our patients and team a clean and safe environment. We are very excited about our latest addition to our airflow system to make the air we breathe in the office free of viruses including COVID-19, VOCs, dust, mold and bacteria. This will be accomplished using an auto-cleaning needlepoint bipolar ionization system (NPBI).

An NPBI system cleans the air inside of our office by producing an electronic charge to the air that creates a plasma field filled with positive and negative ions. As these ions flow through our air system, they attach to particles, gases and pathogens in the air. This process reduces harmful airborne particles in two ways. The first, is these charges steal away hydrogen from the pathogens leaving them to die. The second, is through agglomeration where air particles become attracted to each other increasing their mass and size. This allows them to either fall to the ground out of our breathing range or become large enough to get caught in our filters.

The best part is, this process is completely safe to humans and it saves energy! That is a win-win for our pledge to protect our health and environment! Traditional methods to freshen air inside of buildings require 30% more energy to exchange the air and you don’t even get the added benefits of killing the pathogens. These air systems have been installed over 150,000 times and are shown to produce what already occurs in nature. They are also certified by UL 2998 as ozone free with no health concerns.

We look forward to providing you a safe environment while in our care and are extremely excited about this new update to our facility. If you would like to see more steps we have taken for patient and team safety you can view our updated safety protocols blog

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