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Smile With Confidence Using Invisalign

For many people, their smile is something that strongly affects personal self esteem. Madison No Fear Dentistry has an option to help give you the smile you’ve always wanted.

While most people think of braces when they think of straightening teeth, there is another option for people that could require less time and metal. Invisalign straightens teeth with the use of continually changing sets of retainers. Braces require metal and sometimes large amounts of time to make changes to one's smile. Braces can take 24 months or longer to finish the process, while Invisalign on average takes around 1 year to fully rebuild someone's smile, but depending on the severity of the case it could be much quicker than that.

While traditional braces may be more cost effective based on the time that you need them, with Invisalign you pay for the convenience. The trays are to be worn anytime that you are not eating(around 20 to 22 hours a day). In order for the trays to move your teeth, small knobs are placed on your teeth acting as points of attachment to small molded imprints in the trays. This allows your teeth to move to the point that they need to be in order for you to get the new trays after two weeks. Another reason that points to the convenience factor is that doing your nightly routine of brushing and flossing isn't affected. Also, unless you are close to someone, nobody will be able to see a difference in your smile like they would if you were to open your mouth with a face full of metal.

Invisalign’s technology makes changing your smile much easier. A digital plan is specifically created for you by your Invisalign trained doctor. With this digital plan, you are able to see the steps of your treatment. A sequence is put in order and digital photos of your teeth through levels of transformation. The visual technology that is involved in the Invisalign process makes the process much easier for you, not to mention exciting to see where you are versus where you will be at the end of the treatment.

Take the leap and change your smile building confidence. Creating a smile that you have always dreamed of is easy, and Madison No Fear Dentistry is here to help.


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