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Shine brighter with Opalescence

Madison No Fear Dentistry is here to help lighten and brighten your smile. Whether it’s coffee stains or discoloration from wear and tear through the years, different options to change the color of your teeth vary in price. Opalescence at home whitening trays is the affordable option, and what many people choose to brighten their smile with.Opalescence whitening trays are an easy alternative to in office teeth whitening services. While in-office teeth whitening may be more effective at keeping your teeth whiter in the long-term, Opalescence works in your favor with being so convenient.

At Madison No Fear Dentistry, you can purchase 10 single use trays that cover the top and bottom of your teeth for $100. The trays are filled with a bleach solution that when pressed against the teeth releases onto the surfaces of your teeth. Wearing the trays for up to 50 minutes will gradually change your teeth from a darker to a lighter shade. While the change won’t be immediately noticeable, after wearing the trays a few times you will notice a difference.

The trays come in two different strengths and two flavors. Different strengths of the whitening solution determine the rate at which your teeth change to a brighter shade. While many will opt to get the stronger strength option right off the bat, there is potential for the bleach solution to make your teeth hot and cold sensitive. This is a temporary side effect of the trays that can be treated with toothpaste that is also available for purchase at the office.

What you get when you purchase these trays aren’t just whiter teeth, but an increase in self esteem and confidence. Staining of the teeth isn’t a reason to get down on yourself when there are many great options to boost how you feel about your smile. Take advantage of this convenient, great product!

If you are interested in trying the trays, ask about our specials when you come into the office next!

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