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Meet and Greet with Jasmine, one of our Dental Hygienists.

Jasmine joined the No Fear Team in July of 2016 after moving to the Madison area from LaCrosse and being told multiple times from a variety of people that if she wanted to work at a dental office that No Fear is the place to be.

Four years later and she couldn't have agreed more!

On most summer days you'll be able to catch Jasmine on a bike ride through town, hiking in Wisconsin State Parks, or spending time outside with her dogs Colby and Leonard.

While during the summer Jasmine is quite an outdoor enthusiast she also enjoys the "finer things in life" such as stylish cars, tropical vacations, craft beer and her husband Mike.

Aside from her outgoing, let me try anything once personality she also has the biggest welcoming smile and charming attitude towards everyone.

If you just so happen to be a new patient you're in luck because she will most likely be the one to get you familiar with our office through an in depth tour and explaining how we gain your trust and loyalty by creating the greatest dental experiences.

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