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Meet and Greet with Kristina, our team developer

Kristina is a match made in heaven as the No Fear team developer. With social skills through the roof and the ability to make everyone smile throughout the workplace we won't be where we are today without her hardworking, dog-loving, get a group to do yoga over lunch personality.

Just passing her nine year mark of being with the No Fear team we have really got to know her well and have no reason to believe she will be leaving anytime soon (So be sure to leave your ideas for a 10 year anniversary gift in the comments below!)

While some of our patients may know her from working at the checkout desk she's a hard one to catch in the office now as she's constantly running around helping where she can.

One of her favorite things about working at No Fear is being able to see her friends everyday as she runs a pretty tight knit team.

Growing up on a small horse farm in Antigo, Wisconsin where her parents still live, Kristina carries forward some of those small-town country girl manners.

While she isn't exactly a farmer she loves to grow plants and paint in nature. At the moment this article was published she has about 150 seedlings in her house to plant in her garden in a few weeks and is working on a painting you would think is from a professional artist.

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