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Meet and Greet with Cameron, our content creating, digital media superstar.

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

Cameron came upon No Fear Dentistry in a different way than most. Being a pilot, Cameron and Dr. Dave got to know each other through a shared love of aviation. After Dr. Dave got to witness Cameron's digital media skills at a fly-in event in Nevada, he knew the office could benefit from his many talents and invited him to join the team.

Although Cameron is a more recent addition, joining in December of 2019, he has quickly become a No Fear family favorite as he uses his people skills to charm everyone while filming throughout the office.

Though it may be rare for patients to get to interact with him in person, they interact with his work daily as he's the man behind the scenes of our website and Instagram bringing creative No Fear Dentistry information to the masses.

Before being at No Fear, Cameron served in our military as a mass communications specialist being moved all over the U.S. and abroad to defend our freedom. To this day he continues to serve as a Wisconsin Air National Guardsman.

In his free time you'll often find him at the airport as he sure knows how to fly a plane or lost in the woods as he enjoys exploring the backcountry with his 4x4.

He's also become the No Fear cooking vlogger while at home as he loves to show off his meal cooking skills to the team. (With Dr. Logan and Dr. Kevin sharing the great meals made with an air fryer Cameron even had to get one himself.)

If he asks to document our team working with you, rest assured you are in great hands! 

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