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Meet and Greet with Jasmine, our dental assistant team lead

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

Jasmine, or Jas for short, is a hard-working, coffee loving, bright spirited dental assistant.

Nearly every morning Jas will text the team to see if anyone wants coffee before she makes her routine pitstop at Moka. (Only the best coffee around)

You may think we're kidding but if you have an early morning appointment we're sure you'll see a few coffee cups around and we can almost guarantee which team member brought them in.

Having a kid of her own we understand why she does what she does. Those motherly instincts of taking care for the rest of her dental assisting team, staying organized and ensuring the office always has the proper dental equipment are always showing strong with Jas.

Being the pro organizer she is Jas can recite almost every little piece of dental equipment we have in the office, the quantity, and when to order more so we never run out.

While as an office we will admit she is a computer wiz and extremely tech savvy on the social media we've discovered she still can't win a game of Mario Kart no matter how hard she tried. (Don't tell her we said that though)

Next time you visit us be on look out for coffee and be sure to tell Jas you know it's from her. That's sure to spark up a conversation if not at least a big smile.

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