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Wishing Dr. Logan Van Hoof the best as he sets off to the Fox Valley

This week at No Fear Dentistry, we are sending off one of our shining stars, Dr. Logan Van Hoof, as he starts his own practice in the Fox Valley.

While we always knew this day would come, we always hoped it would take a few decades. Instead, after only a short and incredible 3 years of working with Dr. Logan we are having to say goodbye.

We are so proud of everything he has achieved and can’t wait to watch him succeed on his own!

Keep reading for a goodbye message from Dr. Logan,

My wife Whitney and I have recently moved back to our hometown of Appleton, WI where I am starting my own practice!  We are very excited for this new chapter of our lives but it is a little bittersweet with all the relationships that we have made in the Madison area. 

I am extremely grateful for each and every one of my patients and all the team members at Madison No Fear Dentistry that helped me discover this path. I am truly honored that you trusted me with your dental care and I know the team at No Fear will continue to take great care of you.

I will miss all of you and hope everyone stays happy and healthy!


Logan Van Hoof, DDS

Dr. Logan, you will be greatly missed by the team and patients at Madison No Fear Dentistry. Thank you for your excellent care and fun personality. You will always remain a part of the No Fear Family.

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