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Eco-conscious dentists care for our world during Earth Month, beyond

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

Since the first Earth Day in April of 1970, both Earth Month and Earth Day have become a time where people focus their energies on our environment and the things we can do to make it better.

For the team of eco-conscious dental professionals at Madison No Fear Dentistry, they have been working to transform the general practice of dentistry from an environmentally perilous model to an eco-conscious, sustainable one.

A view of the solar panels atop Madison No Fear Dentistry from Mineral Point Road.
Solar panels atop Madison No Fear Dentistry.

“In 2009, we moved from our Middleton location into a more efficient building and became one of Wisconsin’s first solar powered dental offices,” said Dr. David Ducommun, a dentist and owner of Madison No Fear Dentistry. “Being able to run our electrical systems with clean energy was one of the first big steps we took towards caring for our environment.”

While the installation of solar power has allowed Madison No Fear Dentistry to use clean electricity, its patient base of approximately 6,000 requires the private dental practice to be even more conscious when it comes to green dentistry.

Jasmine, a dental assistant at Madison No Fear Dentistry, displays biodegradable dental supplies used in the practice.
Jasmine with biodegradable dental supplies

“As part of our health and safety standards, every appointment requires a one-time-use chair barrier, patient bib, and numerous other medical items that can lead to a large carbon footprint,” said Jasmine Pulsfus, a dental assistant in charge of purchasing clinical products at Madison No Fear Dentistry. “As part of our green initiative, we’ve found companies that can provide us with biodegradable versions of these common items instead of the single-use plastic products often used at other practices.”

While the Madison dental office has certainly made a tremendous impact on the waste they produce, what makes No Fear Dentistry truly unique is their ability to inform, educate and motivate their patients to be eco-conscious as well.

“During every patient visit, eco-friendly discussions are prompted by our dental team and reiterated with creative signage throughout the office,” said Kristina Brewer, the team developer at Madison No Fear Dentistry. “These efforts help our patients to either introduce or expand on an eco-friendly lifestyle.”

After all, 6,000 patients who are reducing, reusing and recycling is far more beneficial for the ecosystem than a single eco-friendly dental practice.

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