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The dentist who started it all 
Dr. David Ducommun

From the words of Dr. Dave himself:


When I sat down to write the goals I wanted for my practice, it occurred to me that the kind of dentistry I wanted to provide to my patients was exactly the kind of dentistry I wanted to receive.


You may be thinking, "Well Dr. Dave you are a dentist so that doesn't make sense." But just like you, my teeth need regular care to preserve their health and ensure my smile remains as healthy and attractive as it was back in the days.


Sitting in the same chair as many of my patients, I realized that feeling valued and cared for as a patient is what makes people actually enjoy the dentist and want to return.

Knowing that as a patient myself I would want my dentist to see me as an individual and not merely as a chart number, I knew I would need to foster that into my practice. 


Although I am probably as brave as the next person, I’d prefer, naturally, not to experience discomfort during my dental visit. I would want my dentist to have genuine concern for my comfort before, during and after my treatment. I would want my dentist to have thoroughly mastered every pain-free dental technique.


Maybe I am spoiled, but I get annoyed if I have to do too much waiting. I’d much prefer it if my dentist and staff were ready for me when I arrived, and would really like it if I were the only patient there so the doctor and staff could give me their full undivided attention.

I’m also a stickler for quality. I am even willing to pay a little more if I am receiving top-of-the-line treatment. These teeth are the only ones I’ll ever have, so I wouldn’t choose my dentist because his or her fees were the lowest. I would choose a dentist who could provide me with the highest level of care, which is what I feel I deserve. I would appreciate someone who is painstakingly accurate in all the details of my treatment.


With all that being said, what I want as a dental patient is exactly what I believe you would also want and expect when visiting our office. I can assure you as a business owner and a part of this amazing team of dental professionals we will do our very best to provide you with the best dental experience possible. 


If you look forward to this kind of treatment and dental care, I would be happy to be your dentist.

Dr. Dave Ducommun

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